Namasthe, the New Way of Greeting

After the pandemic, we have seen many world leaders welcoming their counterparts in the Indian Style of greeting rather than a handshake, joining the list is the French President, while welcoming the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, Mr. Emmanuel Macron greeted with namaste and the video soon went viral.

The novel coronavirus is on the rampage and is not sparing anyone and most of the global leaders are not immune to it.

Maintaining Social distancing has been the common norm along with other protocols due to the pattern of coronavirus, French President Emmanuel Macron, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel was seen greeting each other with a fluent ‘namaste’.

The French President Emmanuel Macron received German Chancellor Angela Merkel at his Mediterranean holiday retreat on Thursday for talks, with the traditional handshake being replaced for the Indian-style namaste.

Instead of the customary handshake, Emmanuel Macron welcomed Angela Merkel for her very first visit to the presidential summer residence with folded hands and bent forward in the traditional namaste style.

Merkel also reciprocated the same and wished her counterpart in Namaste as well and it was an official greeting.  

Earlier Macron had used the same gesture while greeted Spain’s king and queen in March.

Apart from Macron, Donald Trump and Prince Charles have also used the same gesture after PM Narendra Modi promoted it in the international way to greet and Benjamin Netanyahu had also told Israelis to use namaste instead of shaking hands. 

Namaste is no doubt going global!